Sneak Preview Available Now

Created by Martijn Hengelmolen at 02-11-2017 13:30:35 +0100

Our brand new platform for container deployment and management is available now for pre-lauch enthusiasts. Ask for a login now!

We are looking for early adopters for using our, We'll not charge you anything for the first month, so trying out our system is risk free and benefit rich!


Cloudcontainers is a platform which will allow you to deploy Linux and SmartOs branded containers within seconds. We have based our system on the Triton Datacenter platform. This will allow you to provision many containers simultaneously  and get rid of them after use. The containers can be snapshotted both directly and periodically. providing quick and easy roll back facilities.


Need more Disk, Memory, CPU power or even LWP's just opt for a resize, it doesn't require downtime due to the unique architecture that SmartOS provides.


The containers can be deployed either towards a SSD or HDD machine, offering you both speed and space depending on your requirements. Access is made possible via access keys, so simply upload your public keys and new containers will be accessible via said keys.  For a layered approach you can deploy a internal network using the networking facility cloudcontainers provide.

Infrastructure monitoring

Live stats provide real-time performance monitoring that you can use to discover bottlenecks in cloud and container infrastructure.

Built-in container security

Zone technology allows full container isolation in a multi-tenant environment. Resource protections insulate containers from noisy neighbors and ensure that each container gets its fair share of system resources.

If you want to explore ask me for a login via:


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