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Created by Gudy de Winter at 24-10-2017 19:22:21 +0200

When you create a password which needs to be used by someone else you need a secure way to transfer that secret. will allow you to do just that, send any kind of secret without the risk of being compromised in any manner.

We allow you to send your secrets, passwords or private keys via a secure link. The link is accessible just once, so you get one time use after which the content is deleted. Passwords will no longer linger about in emails and because the data is always sent via an encrypted connection it does not get compromised at any time.

How does it work?

You access our secure website, enter your secret and we create a link to a one time only web page. Copy the link and send it to the recipient. The link either shows a QR-code or the secret is presented in plain text on the HTTPS secured web page. The web page is accessible only once, it is immediately deleted after the one time use.

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