Problem solving the most vexing issues

Created by Martijn Hengelmolen at 08-06-2018 21:00:42 +0200

Migrating all your applications to the cloud can present you with a whole range of different challenges. The behaviour of your applications, somehow, is not the same after the migration. 

Sometimes the problem is very obvious, like a failure to start. Sometimes problems are more obscure, in peculiar cases it seems like something could well be wrong. In those cases you need capable analytic people with sound knowledge of the dynamics of your infrastructure and a strong understanding of software behavior.

This is exacly what we deliver for our customers. Take our relation with Aon for example, cooperation started in 2005 when we were asked to provice the shared service center with hosting assistance. Now after more than a decade of cooperation we have become the go to guys for when things get tough. Problem solving the most vexing issues has become our trade mark. 

You can benefit from our experience and technical expertise in Unix and linux based environments. get in touch via or +31 (0)10 280 97 44.


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